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Services  E-Book Special  Green Flex  Go Green  1st Class Green  
1 on 1 support from our GL team Go! Go! Go! Go!
 Book is copyrighted in Author(s)   name Go! Go! Go! Go!
You  retain 100% Ownership Go! Go! Go! Go!
You earn 100% Royalities Go! Go! Go! Go!
Custom Book Cover n/a Go! Go! Go!
Interior Design Go! Go! Go! Go!
 E Proof Go! Go! Go! Go!
Online Distriubtion Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
E Book Go! Go!   none Go!
Custom Book Spine  n/a  Go! Go! Go!
Custom Back Cover n/a  Go! Go! Go!
Book sized
to fit  proper
Book Format 
n/a Go! Go! Go!
ISBN  n/a  n/a   Go! Go!
Barcode n/a n/a x x
Author Copy
n/a n/a n/a 1
Paperback n/a n/a n/a 20
Complimentary copies can be  mailed to 3 individuals courtesy of GLBAP, LLC.  n/a n/a n/a Go!
Book Coach (Included))  n/a n/a n/a  3 Sessions
(20 mins. each)
Book Marketing Consultation n/a n/a n/a Go!
Up to 50 pages of Book Editing n/a n/a n/a Go!
Press Release  n/a n/a   n/a Go!
  $650 $950 $1350 $1,650
Services  E-Book Special  Green Flex  Go Green  1st  Class Green  

  • E Book Special.  For only $650, turn your work into an E-Book.  This package is perfect for authors on the Go that would prefer to market their book online.
  • Green Flex.  For only $950, the Green Flex  package will allow you to publish,  sell, and distribute your book as an E-Book or in paperback format.   This package also includes a Custom Cover.  Green Flex gives you as the author complete flexibility.   
  • Go Green!  For only $1350, Go Green gives you the ultimate package for publishing your book.  It comes with all the perks of the Green Flex and more including 1. Full Jacket (Custom Cover, Spine, and Back); one ISBN and Barcode. This package is ideal for 1st time authors interested in 1) getting his/her book ready for print and 2) would like the option of selecting how many books that he/she would like to print in a seperate order.        *Printed books are not included in this package and must be purchased seperately.                                                  * Prices  may vary based on page count.
  • 1st Class Green.  For only $1650, 1st Class Green gives you all the perks of the Go Green and Green Flex Packages and the added incentives of your own personalized GL Book Coach, Marketing Specialist, Book Editor, and a press release to get you started.  It also comes with 3 complimentary books, 20 copies of your paperback, and your book will be put into E-Book format so that you can sell  electronically and as a paperback.    *Prices may vary based on page count

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