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1. Who owns the rights to my book?
You do! You retain the rights to your work - not us.

2. How much does it cost to publish?
It depends. We have a variety of packages of various price ranges to meet your publishing needs.  Click here to review our publishing packages.

3. Will Green Light Books & Publishing, LLC lay out or edit my content for me?
Yes! You can purchase one of the editing packages for us to provide this service to you.

4. What rights does Green Light Books & Publishing, LLC have over my work?

5. What types of books does GLBAP publish?
GLBAP publishes the following genres:  Christian (both Fiction and non-fiction books),  inspirational, educational, legal, scientific, business, and others.

6. Can I get my book listed on Amazon?
Yes! We have a marketing package that will also distribute your books to other online stores if you prefer.

7. Can I use GLBAP in conjunction with another publishing company?
Yes you may. Just let us know the arrangement.

8. How do I get answers to questions that are not listed?
Feel free to email us at and we will be happy to answer your questions.  

 9. How do I get started?
Purchase one of the publishing packages and we will contact you for a copy of your manuscript.

10. Do you work with first time authors?
Yes! We are a great company to get started with.

11. Will someone help me through the process?
You will be assigned your own project manager that will walk you through each step.  This service is included in all packages and with all services.

12. How do I earn royalties?
We will help you price your book so that you get paid each time a copy is sold.

13. Does your company make e-books?
14. Can I sell  my book in your online store?

15. Can you make cover artwork for me if I don't have it?
Yes! Our team of professional graphic designers can help you.

Updated to include the following on 2/4/2010.

16.  What are your expectations for the Author on your first meeting?
Our expectations for the author is that they 1) have already submitted their deposit, 2) have already submitted their manuscript to us or at least what they have created thus far.

17.  Who will be attending the first meeting to discuss the process of making the book?

All of our meetings are conference calls via the phone.  One of the staff people of GLBAP will be on the call as well as the author.  

18.  In your invoice, you stated that the author can email his/her work to the editor for review.  The question is:  Will the editing process begin before or after the work is copyrighted?

Editing is an optional service that GLBAP will provide for an additional fee.  This service is  provided after work is copyrighted.  Copyright is completed 1st in order to guarantee author that work is in his/her name (not GLBAP).  After work is copyrighted, for an additional fee, GLBAP will render book editing services to author.  After work is fully converted into book, GLBAP will resubmit the completed work to the U.S. Copyright Office.  

19.  How often does the editor and the author  usually meet during the process of making the book?  

Usually, the editor and the author will participate in a conference call to discuss the book twice a month.

20.  How many copies of the book is printed with the order?  
It depends on the book package selected.

21. If I want to publish my book, but I cannot afford it right now, does GLBAP offer any payment plans?